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To distribute illegal drugs.
"I know this kid, right,
he flipped sacks at night.
He said he did it 'cause he
want a better chance at life..."

-Rakaa Iriscience, "Ends to Means"
by Greg March 16, 2005
The anatomical region of the female body between the vagina and the anus; the female chode.

In some regions, also considered to be a disparaging remark; a powerful insult.
Mmmm, that's good vectum!

That guy is such a degenerate vectum.
by greg February 15, 2005
The single-richest man in the world. As seen on Chappelle's Show - Reparations Episode.
"The richest man in the world is no longer Bill Gates, but a Harlem man, known simply as 'Tron.' Is that your son, Tron?"
"Nah, I bought this baby CASH! I'm RIIIIIIICH!"
by Greg February 04, 2005
A Cardassian secret police and spy agency. Enabran Tain was its longest serving chief; his son Garak was a onetime agent and was kept alive in exile only by its intervention.
The Obsidian Order works among the shadows.
by Greg October 07, 2004
one who has sex with gay people or one with a very homosexual sexual orentation
the reader of this
by greg June 25, 2003
ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO MEAN (includes all positive or negative nouns/adjectives/adverbs/verbs)

one must use the context clues to understand the meaning.
noun: Be a doll and grab me a bo-bique, I'm thirsty.
verb: Go bo-bique yourself.
adj: Dude! That's so bo-bique!
adv: Isaac is kind of gay, but he plays piano so bo-biquely.
by Greg September 04, 2004
A song by Blink 182 and by far their best song and one of the few great songs by them since they turned to pop rock.
We really need to see this through
We never wanted to be abused
We'll never give up its no use
If were fucked up your to blame
by greg April 19, 2004
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