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a giant penis made out of snow, often made by penises.
dude, that penis made a snow penis on my lawn!
by Greg B September 11, 2005
A very tasty pastery, or a very tasty prostitute.
wow, look at that tart, she is eating a tart.
by Greg B August 22, 2005
The most fun/addicting/best/controvercial videogame ever.
any kid who hasent ever played a Grand Theft Auto game has never lived!
by Greg B September 17, 2005
A REALLY big loser who does not deserve his own show. I will say that he makes some funny things up, but he screws them up because he is a complete jackass. I also hate him because he filled in for the Chapelle Show! And he even trys to trademark the phrase "da da duh!", that is what he calls stupid people.
Carlos Mencia is a very big idiot!
by Greg B September 17, 2005
a party where females significantly outnumber males
antonym: sausage fest
Jim cleverly served Corona Light at his throwdown last Friday, ensuring that the party would be a taco fiesta.
by Greg B September 04, 2005
a HUGE dildo inserted in a woman's ass or vagina
holy crap, look at the size of that dildo, its gotta be at least 5 inches thick!
by Greg B August 22, 2005
A mix of the word good and great, originating from "teen girl squad"
That was a grood try
by Greg B May 17, 2005
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