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6 definitions by greendaygrl17

something that the coolest guy: brick from anchor man, says.
They are talking about love and looks around the room and randomly picks out things to love. "I love carpet... i love desk... (whispers)i love lamp.
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
1349 474
place where boring things happen. full of boring emos and cutters who hate their life...
Janice: What Happened to sweet little Kelly?

Sam: Middle School....
by greendaygrl17 January 21, 2005
459 151
biggest slut on earth
"shes so skanky shes like paris hilton in her new sex tape."
by greendaygrl17 January 05, 2005
174 93
Tre rocks! best drummer ever! he is also VERY sexy and a bit crazy but i still luv him very much! soo sexay! yummm!!
sexy drummer from green day.... very sexy drummer....
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
55 26
best band ever! tre cool rocks!! they are so tight and they rock out. the american idiot cd is the best cd i have EVER bought!
shes a rebel... shes a saint! shes the salt of the earth and shes dangerous!
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
19 25
really hott guy from green day who is almost as sexy as tre. his teeth are really jacked up and i feel bad for saying that but he is still the second hottest man alive... after tre.
billie joe is the second hottest man alive.
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
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