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Mk 1: The finest band then and now. Ten albums of evolving, energetic, pulsating, melodic, funny and sometimes odd music. Great then, even better now when you listen to it again, as if for the first time. Cutting edge British classics, probably the most under rated of their time.
Those Stranglers kick ass!
by Dick Splash August 10, 2003
39 11
Tight-fitting Wrangler jeans.
Your balls will never forgive you for wearing those Stranglers.
by Gary Oldman November 08, 2003
33 6
Men's black leather gloves.
That's a nice pair of stranglers you got there Michael. Did you buy those at O.J.'s garage sale?
by Hip-Hop May 28, 2006
13 6
Attempting to give yourself a "squeezer" (very firm handjob ) with a hand that is asleep (The Stranger)

A Squeezer w/ A Stranger = A Strangler
I needed to jerk it with a little more pressure to cum but my hand fell asleep and I ended up giving myself a Strangler...
by Friend of SDTW March 24, 2011
4 3
synonym for cigarettes. must be used in conjunction with the word "choker"
"hey slim? you chokin' back a strangler? i'll join you"
by jacques macmegalodon December 18, 2005
3 6