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In the immortal words of Peter Kay comedy GENIUS
1) It's the future- I've tasted it.
2) Garlic? Bread? Bread wi' garlic in?
"It's bread right, bread with garlic in!"
by Radclyffe January 01, 2004
The superfluous addition to the more substantive main course. Such supposedly frivolous additions often form the bulk standard of the main meal, and without these additions, the main meal would not ofetn be possible. Unfortunately, the accompainiments often play second fiddle to the main course, and 'gsrlic bread' is often used to mess up any overspill caused by the lacklutre main course.
We are the Garlic bread to the projects dept spaghetti bolognese.

"Ive been garlic breaded....."
by carbz March 14, 2005
Garlic bread?! Garlic bread?! am i hearing right? Garlic bread?!
Peter Kay live @ Bolton royal albert halls & at the top of blackpool tower!
by Lee Bryan March 07, 2005
A story posted by a dumped guy, explaining how he shoved some garlic bread up his ex-girlfriend's ass. People have commented about Garlic Bread since then.
2. Garlic Bread Burns you.
#garlic #bread #burns #your #ass
by Nate the Greatness August 27, 2007
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