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A ping-pong game in which each player is drafted a random toy to strategically place wherever they wish on their opponent's side of the table in hopes of hitting the toy with the ping-pong ball during the game, thus making it virtually impossible for their opponent to return your hit. When the game comes down to Sucker's Serve another toy, preferably Joker Van, is tossed or wheeled across the table at the time of the serve by Anton himself in hopes of ruining the serve.
Nick: You wanna play ping-pong?

Mike: Not really.

Nick: How about Anton's Ping-Pong?

Mike: Fine, but I hope I am drafted Barbie since she is a large target due to her long hair.
#anton #ping #pong #barbie #joker
by gpc March 11, 2008
When two cars are at a stop sign and continuously flicker their headlights trying to initiate the other driver to go, but no one does.
Sam: Ron, why the hell are you so late for work?

Ron: I got caught up in a Bekariades for like 2 hours.

Sam: Curse Bekariades for being so damn polite at intersections!!
#stop sign #driving #headlights #troll #cars
by gpc March 11, 2008
When you take a shit so long that it reaches the bottom of the toilet bowl while still attached to your butt.
Horace: Dude, what took you so long in there?

Boris: Sorry man, I was anchored to the toilet by my shit.

Horace: Damn, I hate anchor-shits.
#anchor #shit #anchor-shit #poop #toilet
by gpc March 06, 2008
Farting in a Poland Spring bottle and preserving/fermenting it for the rest of your life.
Donny: Let me get a sip of your water, Harris?

Harris: Ain't no water in here dude, it's Beef-in-a-Bottle.

Donny: Nice, I have to make my own one of these days.
#beef #bottle #nick #giordano #fart #poland spring
by gpc March 11, 2008
When someone leaves behind the smell of shit on whatever they sit on.
Ben: Yo, smell Ted's seat.

Jack: Ok..(smells Ted's seat) oh man! It smells like shit!!

Ben: Yea, he leaves stink trails.


Jack: Where is Ted?

Ben: I dunno, let's sniff around and see if we can track him down since he leaves stink trails.
#poop #smell #stink #trails #shit
by gpc March 06, 2008
A quality Italian trattoria in New York City that has no name.
Jason: Heath, where do you want to go to lunch?

Heath: No Name.

Jason: Do you ever go anywhere else?

Heath: Absolutely not.
#no name #pizza #sauce and cheese #lunch #money
by gpc March 11, 2008
A homerun that barely makes it over the fence. Originated by Nick Giordano since all of his homeruns barely made it over the fence.
Jeff: Yo! I went yard on that one!

Eric: What are you talking about? It was clearly a Nick Homerun.
#nick #giordano #home run #baseball #stick
by gpc March 11, 2008
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