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4 definitions by gothhenge

A deviant sexual practice. While a man is having vaginal intercourse with a woman, he inserts one or both of his testicles in her anus.
Last night I gave Sheila the ol' Idaho Spud Fuck.
by gothhenge September 22, 2004
Money stolen by a prostitute after her john has already paid her for her services.

So named because New Hampshire has no sales tax. This term was coined by an unlucky customer who stated "I knew they must have gotten it somewhere."
After I passed out that bitch took her New Hampshire Sales Tax.
by gothhenge September 22, 2004
Money that you find where you least expect it; or, money you receive that is not deserved or earned. Such money is often believed to be cursed. In such a circumstance, the "Law of Found Money" applies: Spend the money as quickly as possible, or misfortune will occur.
I found a $20 bill in the Wal-Mart parking lot the other day. I spent it right then and there. It's the law of found money, you know.

Many lottery winners experience bad luck that is associated with the enormous winnings; I believe this is the law of found money at work.
by gothhenge June 27, 2005
This is when a man cannot achieve an erection, so he fakes it by attaching to his flaccid shaft some sort of hard object (e.g. a dildo, marker, phallic-shaped sheet rock), using some sort of adhesive (e.g. duct tape, electrical tape, peanut butter). Generally, sex with a woman will follow.

Etymology: "Florida", a place where old folks go to retire; "Hard-on", an erection.
I couldn't get it up last night, so I pulled a Florida Hard-on.
by gothhenge September 22, 2004