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Some fucking retard spelled siked wrong and now people use siced to describe a feeling of excitement, anticipation, or happiness.
I'm soooo siced for Friday's party!!!
by goodgirlgonebad August 31, 2009
Been a fan is Nicki Minaj's term for a common ass hater that seems to know everything about you as a person but claims to dislike you
Oh Ebone's hatin' on me? Bitch been a fan!
by goodgirlgonebad November 23, 2010
To have a sexual encounter in a public or innapropriate place such as a coat closet or public restroom, with complete disregard to the possible chance of being caught.
"I'm totally about to slut it out in there with that chick, I don't care who comes in."

"Why did you slut it out in the office? That's just nasty."

"I've got to slut it out tonight man."
by goodgirlgonebad October 29, 2009
Blow my day (BMD) is akin to fuck my life in the sense that something just went wrong and it has ruined you're moment or day.
"That party should be pretty tight this weekend!"

"It's not happening. John's parents will be home."

"Fuck, blow my day!"
by goodgirlgonebad December 23, 2009

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