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actortrap: the feeling of being played upon or "set up" by fellow or other wise "acty" people because of a "wanting" something only you have, what this might be is uncertain, but it is wanted. It also happens with experiencing "new" people, all of a sudden they're there. It's exciting but wait!

For example:This might be a needing, having a huge appetite, a certain type of energy, it can be experienced in "knowing" your friends, you don't have to see them for the longest but that's okay, you know them, you do, nuff said.
"The herd is moving, god this feels like an actortrap."

"She will never stay! Hangfriend. Oh, actortrap."

"Wow! Actortrap? No, because she loves it!"

"Wretched women! What an actortrap! And(t) who's gonna clean this mess?"
by good attention August 01, 2013
Coffee Breath: whether or not someone brushes their teeth before or after coffee, it is still a distinct flavor of a smell that leads the palate numb for days!

Next to being a natural protection against curious children who otherwise would be pre exposed to potential harmfull ways in the intriguing "worlds" of the adults it can be a huge distraction in conversation or other engaging activities if the other person is more sensitive or feelsy about coffee. Fair enough to say, people should brush their teeth, whether they drink coffee or not.
"Do i have coffee breath? I can't tell i haven't used my palate in years!"

"Easy with the coffee breath!"

"I should get coffee breath, that way i won't smell coffee breath."

"I'm done with the coffee, i want to taste my new partner!"
by good attention July 10, 2013
Famous: a state of being wherein words, feelings, a sense of daily reality, concern for others, are replaced by an extreme power hungry self obsessed entity of a monster that has nothing (or anything) to do with being human or learned skills and crafts that make human beings function.

Some say "grounding" or gravity are the magic words.

All people go through fases throughout their life in which little jolts of "Famousness" can stimulate or selfconferm (self confirm is offcourse writen with an i or a capitol I) a human excistence, applied in small dosage this can actually benefit society having people feeling good about themselves. Nevertheless "Famous" can be highly addictive more so than "coffee" and "morning kisses".
"Famous." At least "words" like plumber, carpenter, nurse, doctor, security, social worker, musician, teacher, miljonair, mean something!"

"Get that 6foot pole of a camera out of my neck, i'm not Famous!"

"I don't care if you think we're related, i'm not Famous!"

"Dude you're so hovering, you need more grounding or you'll get Famous!"
by good attention July 02, 2013
relaxion action: a "doing" or activity that involves muscles and or heating up, panting and an euphoric (relaxation) aftermath. Seemingly this should be "action relaxion" since the "relaxion" follows the "action" but it is socially accepted as "relaxion action". But it is widely understood, as it almost goes without saying as "doing" something sporty and/or heart rate increasing for that specific euphoric aftermath (aftermath in this context is seen as a good thing but could better be replaced by or "after feelings") and or after feelings, where the body (or in some regions of the body) releases all kinds of funny and life enhancing "things". Plus (assuming practised "safely") it keeps you healthy.
"have you seen my trainers? i need some relaxion action!"

"are you high? No, relaxion action."

"always practise safe warming up and cooling down, it will give you better relaxion action."
by good attention July 01, 2013
Windchil: a fluctuation in feelings and/or sensing and "experiencing" weather.
"it's feels freezy."

really? it's not that cold.

" feel my hands."

huh..must be windchill.
by good attention December 05, 2013
a state of being wherein someone "briefly" can't stand anything that has anything to do with either marketing or advertisements, note this state is only "tempo-rarely" and will fanish when the proverbial battery is re-charged again.
..."are you gonna click that? I can't, i'm advertired."

by good attention December 03, 2013
After Diner Dip: a moment in time where different "moments" come together, a coffee break, a nap, a hangover, a bad news message, a happy news message, an overload of information, a excpectation, a brief thought..thus these moments combined result in a dip, or an

"after diner dip."

After Diner Dips happen. They do.
"i have an "After Diner Dip." please wait and proceed bitching after coffee, thank you."

"something about things and peas, something about ..wait.. can't talk, damn it it's happening allready "After Diner Dip."

"i'm expecting a huge "After Diner Dip." so i won't be able to function accordingly."
by good attention September 03, 2013

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