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When a guy cums before he even removes any clothing, thus rendering him with a "soaking tent"
Ben: I'm so content

Jayne: Don't get too content

(30 seconds later)

Ben: Can you excuse me, I need to use the bathroom. It appears that I have pitched a soaking tent
by gonzo89cb September 17, 2009
Red Water Rafting is the act of going down on a girl during her time of the month
Guy 1: I stayed over at my girlfriends last night

Guy 2: Did you have spag bol for dinner? You still have stains around your mouth

Guy 1: Naa, I just went red water rafting

Guy 2: You're nasty. Get away from me. Your breath smells like iron
by gonzo89cb September 17, 2009
The act of preventing a woman from achieving her desire of getting with someone by any means necessary, or indeed unnecessary.

The female equivalent of a cock block, if you will.
Person 1: Hey, look Aimee's dancing with that guy, should we move away?

Person 2: Why don't we grind up against him instead? That will surely clunge clog her!
by gonzo89cb October 17, 2009
When one has engaged in copulation for so long that they become exhausted. This may be in a few seconds for fat folk, or considerably longer for the Olympians out there
Girl: Can't we go again? Just for 5 more minutes?

Guy: Sorry Baby, I'm sexhausted. Wake me up in a few hours with a bacon sandwich to replenish my strength, then we'll talk.
by gonzo89cb April 02, 2010
A university where the bulk of students are made up of goons.
This may apply to any/all universities
Guy 1: So what do you think?

Guy 2: You're friends are all wastemen. Baitly listen to Panic! at the Disco. What a gooniversity.

Guy 1: Yer.
by gonzo89cb April 02, 2010
Semitration is when only partial penetration occurs during intercourse, for one reason or another
Guy 1: Did you fuck her last night?

Guy 2: Naa, we were getting frisky and I was semitrating her, but didn't have a condom

Dude 1: Did you fuck her last night?

Dude 2: Well semitration occurred, but I was too drunk to carry on
by gonzo89cb November 13, 2009
Another level of procrastination reached only by those truly at peace with themselves
Anonymous person: Hey Chris. What are you up to?

Chris: I'm doing an essay. Get off my back.

Anonymous person: How much do you have left?

Chris: All of it

Anonymous person: Oh my. Why so?

Chris: I've been prochristinating all day long playing Mario Kart 64, going on facebook, and looking at holidays I wish I could be on

Anonymous person: That sounds far more interesting and productive than any essay. May I add, you are looking particularly handsome today Chris

Chris: Why, thank you Anonymous person. That's made my day.
by gonzo89cb May 16, 2010
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