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8 definitions by gomer

An insult. Bastardization of 'eat me' and 'kiss my ass'.
I told the fucker to go get a spoon and eat my ass.
by gomer May 06, 2003
526 113
replacement for dickhead.
That guy was a Richard Cranium.
by gomer September 10, 2004
264 66
This is a UNIX based operating system that will function effectively on your toaster, alarm clock, and any other fucking thing you can plug in.
I just got NetBSD to work on my beard trimmer!
by gomer May 20, 2003
26 8
toilet. where you go fishing for brown trout.
"Where is Kaminscus?"
"Well, Sarge, he's fishing for brown trout in lake toilato."
by Gomer June 30, 2003
8 1
Defined, it means the genetic splicing of a grape and an orange, but it's importance comes from the oddness of saying the word. It may be the funniest word to say out loud.
I charged the machine gun yelling, "GRORANGE!" to confuse the enemy.
by gomer May 06, 2003
8 4
a gay penis.
by Gomer June 30, 2003
7 7
also a person with a ugly face or facial feature
a fat person with a fat face
by gomer February 28, 2004
6 18