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a true playa. so fucking hot, he is like the best asian ever and his dick is HUGE!. Smells great, has swag, smooth talks with the ladies and other pro things like tht.
Antonio: dont touch me, to late and josh....
*josh dicked slaped him before his mexican ass could start talking*
Antonio got a Josh P.
#dick #slap #mexican #huge #pro #asian
by godofcod2 January 07, 2012
A person who gets trolled by mexicans
Antonio: Hi dennis
Dennis: ughhh
Ex. of Dennis H.
#troll #antonio #drool #mexican #mofo
by godofcod2 January 07, 2012
Really is just a big flamer. Likes mens bums and makes the most shit movies ever. porn for a matt m. is jacking off to action essentials. No girls like him,he smells like ass shit, and wears the same clothes eurday everyday.
Joe:Guess what i got for christmas.
Dan: What!! a t.v.,vid game, new clothes?
Joe: No action essentials 2!!
Dan: wow yur such a matt m. and you smell like one to
#flamer #smelly #gay #bums #action essentials
by godofcod2 January 07, 2012
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