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180 definitions by gnostic1

n. An "athlete" who participates in "curling" which, while not technically a sport, is a pasttime favoured by Canadians who have not discovered video games.

Heavy stones are flung randomly down an oblong blanket of ice and across a "tea" line. The game is a mix of marbles and cricket with the winner sometimes being decided in a draw.

Hey Hoser! You are such a canadian stoner! Your inturned house-weight marble nudged my sweeper-stick and now I'm lying two.

I'm not lying. Why are you lying?

No. I said I was lying two. Not too.
by gnostic1 September 13, 2011
31 11
v. 1) skateboarder term synonymous with "hang five". Usually used in an ironic sense or by lame wannabees.

2) a sexual euphemism.

Dudes! I got me some new driftwood and I am going to totally Ang Vee tonight!

Yeah? Well I don't look it but I assure you I am very thrilled for you.
by gnostic1 August 23, 2011
23 3
place. Welsh mining village nestled in the Snowdonian range in Glamorgan. Twice voted the least pronouceable place on the planet.

Quilt making, poetry composition and pneumoconiosis are the backbones of the economy.
Here now Yestin. What say we amble down the mountain to look for lassies in Llandwbllllwydd?
by gnostic1 August 13, 2011
22 2
n. A modern city near Islamabad with a thriving economy and vibrant night life in spite of an overwhelmingly blind population. Home to a large military officer training centre, a security police academy, a large sophisticated army base, and a cadre of well known international terrorists in a well-appointed glaringly-obvious hideout.

Famous for its complex network of blind alleys and home to the Pan-Asia bronze medal winning Hide-and-Seek team this modern metropolis, nestled in the fog-shrouded mountains of North East Pakistan, has recently almost seen the opening of yet another factory to manufacture the signature white canes which are synonymous with Abbottabad industry.

Tourist attractions include the Referee and Umpire Museum and a zoo devoted almost entirely to bats, cave fish, moles, and deaf chickens with cataracts and glaucoma. Visitors can feel secure knowing that in the event of any threat modern interceptor aircraft can be scrambled from Islamabad and will arrive in about a week: two weeks tops if it's a bit cloudy.
Excuse me Major, can you tell me where the Abbottabad bus station is?

Certainly. Take a left at the Bin Laden compound and then it's just past the Willful Ignorance Airbase on Death To America Avenue.
If you get lost ask the tall guy with the Saudi accent for help ... but don't let him drive.
by gnostic1 May 09, 2011
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n. Stout piece of wood used for striking co-workers who won't shut up about latest episode of "The Office" or other TV show.
If you say another word about what a cute couple Jim and Pam make I swear I am going to get an office staff and beat your lips until they stop moving!

The new TV season starts in October so I usually plan an office staff party for November.
by gnostic1 October 07, 2010
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place. Industrial city where most of Ohio's fridge magnets are forged. Located where the magnetite miners had easy access to both water and oil Tynersburg grew from a small hamlet to a bustling metropolis at the turn of the century when fridges began to be formed from metal instead of wood.

Home of the Fighting Woodchuks pasanka choir and a Bavarian Beer Stein interpretive center, Tynersburg boasts a bold hold on the past and a niche-based future.

Isn't Tynersburg the home of both an Olympic archer and a famous composer of Indian ragas?

Why yes. I believe it is, and I think you can buy cleverly constructed fridge magnets celebrating both of them.
by gnostic1 August 10, 2012
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v. overstaying ones welcome.
Is it safe to bring the girls over tonight or are your parents still gadhafing?

Better wait until next weekend dude. I may have to call for an air strike to get the wrinklies out of the house.
by gnostic1 March 07, 2011
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