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A family in which almost every member is guilty of one crime or another, and most or all were caught. A family of incompetent criminals, sad to the point of funniness.
My girlfriend is part of an unorganized crime family. Her dad's had a half dozen DUI's, her uncle is in jail for robbery, her aunt got caught with drugs, her sister got caught shoplifting, her cousin tried to steal a car, and her other cousin tries to write bad checks.
by gingitsune23 January 12, 2011
A hot girl driving a cool car. Especially true if the girl is wearing a bathing suit and if the car is a Lamborghini. However, given the rarity of this combination, any combination of hot girl and cool car will suffice.
"Dude, did you see the lambikini that just went by?"

"I bet that lambikini's great for hugging curves."
by gingitsune23 May 02, 2008
Getting your clothes washed for free by tossing them into someone else's washer/dryer load.
"These aren't my jeans."
"Someone's probably laundromat cuckolding you."
by gingitsune23 January 14, 2009
Rules of courtesy for using an escalator, particularly in Japan. Essentially, if you are not going to continue walking while on the escalator, stick to one side (in Japan, the left side) so that walkers have room to pass.
"If you're going to treat the escalator like a theme park ride, at least have the decency to observe escalator etiquette."
by gingitsune23 January 14, 2009
The transition a cow makes from calf to adult. Describes the process by which a calf loses its cheerful, playful, and inquisitive nature and begins to to stand around doing nothing but chew its cud.
As a calf, that cow was really cute, but now that it's cuddified, it just stands around looking stupid, even in the rain.

Once the cows cuddify, they'll be the dumbest creatures alive.
by gingitsune23 May 28, 2008
pronounced "ghost + tee"
Very thin, unprominent facial hair. Usually because a young man is making an effort at growing a goatee or beard when his hair is not yet thick enough. The ghost, or shade, of a goatee.
You're still too young for facial hair. That ghoastee just makes you look stupid.

Dude, you have to shave off your ghoastee.
by gingitsune23 May 13, 2008
A project or idea that is voiced or dreamed about, but never pursued with any real effort. Moreover, the person who announces the idea usually has no intention of following through on th idea from the start.
A person who hears someone voice a funnel cake stand is usually aware of it immediately.
Girl: I'd like to make a series of you-tube videos acting out stories with Gundam action figures.

Guy: You will never do that. That is totally a funnel cake stand.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guy 1: We should open a funnel cake stand in the quad. We would make so much money!

Guy 2: Dude, just saying you wanted to open a funnel cake stand was a funnel cake stand.
by gingitsune23 June 22, 2010

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