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Divine cumlords are extremely rare...there are only a handful of others including myself. A divine cumlord is a man with a golden cock that pumps out 1 gallon of semen each ejaculate. The cum produced is valued at 1 million per pint because each sperm has the ability to fly. The cum can also cure cancer and ward away evil spirits in a possessed individual. The man releases a barbaric roar every time his golden cock of wrath cums.
The fierce warrior ripped off his trousers to expose his glistening golden cock of extreme power which caused the opposing army to flee in terror. With a thundering roar, the divine cumlord shot out sperm which flew off into the distance.
by gindertopia March 05, 2010
When a sink encroaches over the toilet denying you from shitting.
I refuse to take a shit at John's house. His sink is a fucking jerk. What a pot crowding asshole, I had to shit on the floor instead.
by gindertopia August 24, 2012
an excessively hair man who cannot stop cumming.
that guy looks like a fucking baboon. he must be a fierce cumbeast.
by gindertopia March 05, 2010
One of the friends in your group of friends that tries to act cool but everyone really knows that he is a flaming shitlord.
look at john trying to talk to that chick, what a gay bitch sausage wrangler.
by gindertopia March 05, 2010
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