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Amongst other things, an expression used by feminists to mock anyone who doesn't agree with their opinions.
"Hey, look, this man disagrees that men can't get raped!"
"Oh my God, what a shitlord!"
by haiyyu November 24, 2012
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1. A derogatory word used by fat activists on Tumblr to insult people who disagreed with them. Slang for gay person. The words has since been reassigned to mean someone who cares about health, and doesn't believe in fat activism or 'health at every size', and probably who frequents Shitlords have taken ownership of the word.
FA: Meghan told me the key to weight-loss is calories in/calories out. What a shitlord!

SL: Meghan said that? Didn't realize she was a fellow shitlord!
by Uosdwis R. Dewoh October 11, 2014
A well rounded insult for general usage, applied in much the same manner as gaylord. May be applicable in a whole variety of situations, as an admonishment, slur or even a greeting.
Alex, don't be a shitlord.

Good morning shitlord, how are you today?
by Mr S Lord November 05, 2009
Term of enderement for freinds on leaving them in a hurry. Usually used after saying "later" or "see you later"

Citing- Yogscast "The Return Custom Map Part 3"
Lewis (Xephos): "you need to get yourself a minecart and push the button here..."
Simon (Honeydew): {interrupts} "see you later shit-lords"
by HoneyDews December 29, 2011
A medallion constructed from Perling beads (known as "shit") arranged on a plastic pegboard (known as a "lord") and fused together with an iron (known as a "wizard wand"). Shitlords are believed by many practitioners of the dark arts to have many magickal properties, and are known to be very helpful to young sorcerers looking to enrich their mana pools. Often used to channel mystical energy from divine figures from beyond and useful in seances wherein a magician attempts inquiry with the Gridwizard.
He Who Dragged His Helmet, the sinister black knight and fabled lord of the lake of shitcockmonkeys, wore around his neck an enchanted chain adorned with an enchanted shitlord, which was bestowed upon him by Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness.
by turdsorcerer December 11, 2008
Someone who is taking advantage of something (cheating) in order to win an event.
"You're being such a fucking shitlord!"
-Guy who got killed in some game by a hacker
by nonshitlordian December 27, 2014
An aggressive government paid troll who cyber bullies any one investigating government criminal conspiracy. These agent provokatuers use fake profiles, usually under an ironic name with some cartoon image for their profile. The most profilic of these are Hasbara Agents of the Israeli intelligence Service, but they also troll the David Icke, 9/11 truther, CIA torture program and attempt to rewrite history, terrorize academics and blatantly attack people who offer differing information to official propagandist sources.
I was up all night being belittled by some Shitlord web snitch who was trying to say the US govt wasnt involved in Death Squads across Latin America, or that the Israelis never made quite a large revenue from arming third world dictatorships. I hate those web fascists.
by dr sodmzr January 10, 2015

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