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72 definitions by gina

a crazy/ sexy/ cool kinda-guy
That jp sure is the best guy to ever live.
by gina August 19, 2003
347 248
Puerto Rican; meanz illest person or the sexiest
Yo Soy La Cangri Mas Acclamada
by Gina April 12, 2005
173 76
For years I have enjoyed the sun.However this summer I began to break out in a red rash that had fever into and it itched constantly. I went to the DR. They did a biospy which came back, I'm allergic to the sun!! I have it on my face,ears,neck,arms and legs. It's very depressing.I have tried everything on the market even sunscreen nothing works. The only thing that will help is to avoid the sun.
by Gina July 21, 2003
103 22
A 29, yes, 29 year old guy from NYC that has appeared on the man show, and now has his own show on MTV. It might seem he is about 12, but he isn't. He was born in 1976. In real life, he is a drug addict and a real asshole.
Andy: "when life hands me lemons, i make beef stew!"
by Gina July 14, 2005
228 150
In one phrase, the Sexiest Man Alive. As for Nicole, she really needs to grow up because Benji most likely doesn't even know your alive, not to mention the fact that your most likely not even legal. She probably didn't even know about Benji or even Good Charlotte for that matter until "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" came out.
I've been a fan since their self titled came out, and I'm not stupid enough the claim that he's mine when he's not. Not to mention I loved Benji the entire time I've know about GC unlike most girls who as soon as "Lifestyles" came out they were like " Oh Joel I love you" and the two months later were like "Oh Benji I love you". I will love Benji 'til the day I die!GC4Life!
by Gina March 22, 2005
223 147
its a miracle in a bowl
start you day off the holy way with christ chex, its a miracle in a bowl
by Gina September 16, 2003
92 20
The female version of "C-Block". This can occur 1 of 3 ways:
1)A male friend begins a conversation with you at the most inoportune time.
2)A female friend brings up a conversation topic that is typically spoken between women (i.e yeast infection, menstrual clot, etc.).
3)or another hoochie scoops in on the fella you have eye ballin all night.
OK girls I need to get some action tonight.......NO BOX BLOCKING!
by Gina August 23, 2004
85 21