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in the general area of the crotch; near the genitalia
"Man, did you see that piece of metal sticking out of Jay's crotchal area?!"
by Gina January 18, 2003
An area of the city of Chicago near Wrigley Field (Wrigleyville) made up of the intersection of Clark and Belmont, the streets of Clark and Belmont themselves, and the entire general area.
Clark and Belmont is the neighborhood of nearly every subculture Chicago has to offer, especially the Chicago Punk scene.

Highlights are:
The Metro
The Bottom Lounge
The Alley
The Archetectual Revolution
Chicago Comics
Strange Cargo
Taboo Tabou

Clark and Belmont is also part of Boy's Town
We had to take a bus, the El, and another bus, and it's 10 degrees out, but we're at Clark and Belmont and that's all that matters.
by Gina January 19, 2005
1. An upstanding league of hookers (hookas) living in the Capital District Area of New York. These hookers come fully equipped with a president, vice president, hookers in training (HIT), advanced hookers in training (AHIT), and their token pimp that gets no money but gets to wear flashy clothes, and a secret handshake/salute.

2. An expression used when upset. Short for "I'll Cut You".
1. The president of Cutchoo is one fine hooker!

2. Shut up or I'll Cutchoo!
by gina November 26, 2003
very tight curled, unprocessed hair.
Shaniqua's hair is so kinky it takes 2 hours to comb every morning.
by Gina March 15, 2003
Short for "Fairfax County Summer Institute For The Arts"
IFTA is a summer program offered to any rising 7th-12th graders living in Fairfax County.
It is THE best way to spend the month of July.
Held in Fairfax High School, a place that's confusing as hell if you've never been there, but once you've mastered it there are so many shortcuts and hising places and other fun stuff that you never want to leave. There is also a nearly obscene ammount of vending machines.
Going to IFTA you will meet the greatest assortment of people ever. Artists, musicians, actors, dancers, singers, triple-threats, punks, goths, weirdos, ravers, gays, and all manner of other cool people.
The administration really dosen't care what you do as long as you show up for your classes. This means that don;t care when people come wearing kilts, suits, sporting 3 foot fauxhawks, sitting on the floor with a mini TV plugged into the wall so they can play nintendo, running around the halls singing, breakdancing, etc.
Concerts in the courtyard during lunch are courtesy of "Making The Band" which is a class made up of rock musicians who also happen to be all of IFTA's worst trouble makers.

For those who understand, IFTA is the greatest thing on earth.
Sam: Are you going to IFTA next summer?
Fuki: Hell yeah, And I'm gonna wear my kilt.
by Gina January 20, 2005
1. The look one gets on their face after a really stupid person just gets finished talking and turns their back.
2. The look that usually proceeds after a very long and exhausting fake smile.
I can't help but snile at the stupid bitch, she's a waste of carbon!
by Gina December 11, 2003
Having something to do with a fagot, or something gay.
Man, since you like other men, you are extremely faggish.
by Gina July 24, 2003

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