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Burn All Toddlers First. A dark reference to the deaths of many children, subsequent to an ill-conceived attack on a church commune by federal forces at Waco, TX. in 1993.
To hell with the Bill Of Rights, three cheers for the BATF!
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
If you're in Tacoma, WA., and you're bored, then you are said to be Tacomatose.
When I first moved there, and didn't have any friends, I was Tacomatose more often than not.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
An admixture of Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanza and Christmas. Covers all the bases during the "holiday season".
In the spirit of political correctness, and diversity celebration, let's kill four birds with one stone... or dradle. Call it Hanuramakwanzmas.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
Post-coital syndrome, occuring when one's penis becomes stuck to the sheet, do to drying semen.
"If you don't get up and wash your wanker, it's gonna get spot-welded" she warned.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
A gov't employee, who is not doing the public a service.
Big Brother is full of bureaurats and civil leaches.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
A lesbian, from the island of Lesbos.
She looks like she's from the island.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
A firearm sound suppressor (aka silencer).
Alot of GIs in the Sand Box have cans on their rifles.
by GewehrWolf April 03, 2007
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