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When nailing a chick, banging her so hard that when you thrust you end up slamming her head clear through the headboard. IF done correctly and with enough force, you might just be able to crack the dry wall of your shitty apartment.
Dude A: Dude, I'd so battering ram Megan Fox.
Dude B: Yea man.
by August 03, 2007
the act of having an erect penis, or cock and running full tilt into a womens vagina, or pussy. if you swing the other way it can be done the same way, but in to anus, or bum hole.
fuck y'all niggaz i battering rammed that btch till her asshole bled!
by kevinbrendan May 09, 2006
When a guy (or woman with a dildo) does a girl when her tampon is still in her vagina.
"Yo she was screaming sooo loud I thought i was doing a mighty fine job. She told me afterwards I was giving her the battering ram."
by Joe Guy June 03, 2003

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