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County in Ireland that produces the best cider to get you drunk.
Even if they drank bulmers,'till they were fucked drunk,they'd still beat the shite out of Limerick.Even a 4 year old could do it for fucks sake
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
Super useless,Lazy,Aurgumenitive,Smelly,Inbred,Van driving(usually less than a year old),Waster that lives off the irish state.Never work,but will bum off anyone.Always says they don't have money,but drive new vans every 6 months.Breaks laws to suit themself.Greatest asset to them is imitidation.Loud and forever fighting.Never can tell the truth
Those Knackers sre at it again
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
A word used by Dubliners to emphasise something.Except they mean to use the real word bleeding,but are incapable of syaing it
Jays' I'm bleedin fucked
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
A Northside Dubliner's way of saying right,but without prounouncing the "t"

So they sound a bit like they're saying roight,but it's more like roi
All roi dare bud.(They can't prounounce "there" properly
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
Someone from Dublin, Ireland. Have pity on they because they're all wordWankers
Anything is better than being a Dubliner
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
A county in Ireland where you just don't go without carrying a knife
Fuck,he's from limerick.They're born with stanley knives in their hand
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
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