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British pronunciation of "right."
Roight then, guvner! Never mind the bullocks, eh wot?
by Weinberg Goldstien June 02, 2003
Used for answering someone after they have said something completely stupid and made-up. (instead Of 'Right')

*The perfect conversation ender.*
A- "Last Night After Dinner I Totally Saw Brad Pitt At The Car Wash...Im Serious I Did!"

B- "Roight....."
by Lyn & Joann Casel May 08, 2005
A Northside Dubliner's way of saying right,but without prounouncing the "t"

So they sound a bit like they're saying roight,but it's more like roi
All roi dare bud.(They can't prounounce "there" properly
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
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