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County in Ireland that produces the best cider to get you drunk.
Even if they drank bulmers,'till they were fucked drunk,they'd still beat the shite out of Limerick.Even a 4 year old could do it for fucks sake
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
One of the foremost counties in Ireland.
producer of the finest hurling teams in the countries history.
It has managed to escape from all of that tourist crap they get in Kerry and Galway.
Go on Tipperary, beat those Limerick bastards into the ground
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
1 of the 32 counties on the Island of Ireland. Known for its highly attractive natives.
He is attractive he must live in tipperary
by Jodie G. Eastwood March 05, 2012
Limerick will whip u boggars, u are all soft as shit. farmer boys.
by lim2002 July 17, 2003
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