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Boger is the name given to what was believed to be the first golgothan shit demon. Currently, the term boger is used to define all that is wretched and nausiating. In order for one to become a boger, proper hygiene must be completely ignored to the extent that having to tolerate the smell of oneself causes a permanent look of euphoria. Intelligence is a huge factor in defining what is a boger as well. For the boger is, along with the gideon, one of the least cerebral beings known to man. With that being said, it can easily be understood that the word boger is one of the worst insults that can be given in today's culture.
"Goddammit, you freakin' boger, take a damned bath! And brush your teeth, too. Better yet, just shoot yourself!"
by garrison August 03, 2004
either a penis, or an exclamation of defeat.

origin: nat coghlan and garrison nein.
"ohhhh weeno"
by garrison April 10, 2004
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