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1. (game of Suelette)Any lawsuits based on Jackpot Justice, especially rooted in frivolity and/or pure greed.

2. (play Suelette) To sue strictly in the name of Jackpot Justice.
1. That trial is one heluva game of Suelette.
2. Courts are the new casinos, let's play Suelette!
by gameoverDude October 19, 2004
1. (adj) Severely malodorous or foul-tasting.
2. (adj) Oppressively or miserably bad.
1. UGH! How long has that been in the refrigerator? Apparently too long. Now this stuff is kickin' chicken. Throw it out.

You're kickin' chicken. Hit the shower.

This cough syrup is kickin' chicken, but it works.

2. It may be only 89 degrees out, but with the humidity- this shit is kickin' chicken! Too bad, because I wanted to play some Putt-Putt Golf. That's not happening now.
by gameoverDude August 04, 2006
Moderately intoxicated. Somewhat more than a mild buzz. About halfway to being gone or lit. Results in some degree of light-headedness. One step short of being tipsy.
Having already wolfed his second Gin & Juice, Jack started to show signs of being geeked.
by gameoverDude August 15, 2007
To goof off, procrastinate, stall, or waste time.
Quit donkey dicking around.

If you hadn't been donkey dicking around, you would've been done in fifteen minutes- not an hour.
by gameoverDude August 03, 2005

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