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the people that suck(the parasite)the taxes(for welfare) out of my paycheck because they are too lazy to carry their ass to work.
1. It would be nice to get a president that would get rid of all the welfare parasites.

2. It sho must be nice bein a welfare parasite, free moneys and free food..... I'm the dumb ass for having a job!
by gagarn April 25, 2008
bad breath, whether it be morning breath or just plain sewer mouth.
Ma you need to brush yo teef, you gots da stank breff.
What up stank breff?!?
by gagarn April 23, 2008
a store in ghetto Hammond, LA that has a real name but since the building is blue everyone calls it tha Blue Sto.
Mimi, can we bust up to the Blue Sto and gits sum strimps and tater logs?
by gagarn May 07, 2008
when a chicks ass starts wide at the top and then sort of narrows toward the bottom. when they wear jeans there is a sag at the bottom of her pants which makes it look like she took a dump in her draws.
That chick at the bar would be hot if she didn't have such a dumpster ass.
by gagarn April 28, 2008
a restaurant in louisiana that sells bomb ass bbq sammiches. Hi Ho #1 in Hammond and Hi Ho #2 in Ponchatula
Ma, you know that after you pick me up from da hairport we always bust up in Hi Ho so I can get me sum poke sammiches!
by gagarn April 24, 2008

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