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Pritch is a combined word of "Princess" and "Bitch". Use it to describe a some bitch that always acts like a princess and you just couldn't stand it.
Fred: She likes to act and behaves like a princess.
Peter: I think she's more like a pritch, I can't bloody stand her!
by gadgetfish August 30, 2007
Playing Wiisport on the Nintendo Wii system as a form of exercising.
Fred: How was your holiday?
Sam: It was great, I did some wiixercise.
by gadgetfish December 28, 2006
As opposed to goodbye kiss. Giving someone a see you kiss when you expect just a short, temporary departure. You don't really have a chance to give someone a "goodbye" kiss if things turn sour with this person or some unfortunate things happened.
Here is your see you kiss, I'll see you next week.
by gadgetfish July 18, 2006
Noun: A day when one's deepest desire comes *true*. (and fools all their friends on facebook!)
1. Alison changed her relationship status on facebook to "Alison is engaged" on April Fool's Day. Many of her facebook friends fell for it but Betty just laughed at her desperation.

2. Richard buys lotto every week and on April Fool's Day, he updates his facebook status to "Richard is now a millionaire!!! He just won lotto!!!"
by gadgetfish May 01, 2010
Someone who cannot initiates a smile, often being "too cool", but can smile upon seeing someone smile at them first.
Jack is such a passive smiler. He is always too shy to initiate a smile to the girls and only does when the chick smiles at him first.
by gadgetfish October 30, 2007
Playing Wiisport on the Nintendo Wii system as a form of workout.
Fred: How was your holiday?
Sam: It was great! I did some good wiirkout.
by gadgetfish December 28, 2006
An imaginary place where all the cutest chicks came from.
Sam: Hello Sarah, thanks for the add. How's your day?
Sarah: Hi handsome, I'm fine.
Sam: So... where are you from?
Sarah: Oh I'm from Sydney, Australia, where all the Koalas live ^^
Sam: Haha, really? You don't look like your are from there...
Sarah: How come?
Sam: Because you are soooooo cute from the photo, I thought you are from Cutopia :P
Sarah: *shy*
by gadgetfish July 17, 2009
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