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Maino is a beast ass nigger. He's an alright rapper. He can get kind of anoying becuase he repeats the same things in some songs but yeah, he's good. He should win a grammy award for his song "All The Above".
Mike: Yo, its Maino!

Chris: T-Pain Is better!

Mike: Yeah, but still!
by Alphabet Man June 20, 2009
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Maino is a rapper from brooklyn, NY did 10 years in prison for kidnapping and is best known for hit songs "All The Above" & "Hi Hater" from what everyone says hes gonna bring new york hip hop back to the top.
That nigga Maino go hard on that track all the above, i hope nothing but the best for him.
by NYhipHOPnigga June 29, 2009

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