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Booty that looks so good, it makes grown man want to cry.
Damn man, that girls got onion booty.
by g-money April 04, 2003
1. An American League baseball team with 26 World Championships and 39 A.L. pennants

2. The Bronx Bombers

3. The most storied dynasty in sports

3. Pedro Martinez' and Brian Pratt's daddy
"The Yankees are my daddy" - Pedro Martinez
by G-Money October 14, 2004
Any perscription drug with effects that range from a head change to knocking someone out, sold in the street
Adderall,Klonopin,valium are examples of beans.
by G-Money December 13, 2004
n. a random boner, occuring at an unopportune time
I hope I don't get pop a rony when i'm wearing just a toga.
by G-Money April 20, 2005
By oneself,alone Used in Revere,Ma
Fuck that, I'll smoke this blunt on the do-lo
by G-Money December 13, 2004
Area of Revere Massachusetts. Known for the Easy furnishment of drugs and alcohol to Minors and adults. Also a stop On The MBTA. Close to Revere Beach.
What up son? where you goin? "I'm goin to get me dimmie and a couple 40's down B-Mont. I can get shit Where i live.
by G-Money December 13, 2004
To roll tounge in such a way was to make saliva squirt out.
Wtf!,Stop gleakin on me.I tought that was rain.
by G-Money December 13, 2004
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