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n. a random boner, occuring at an unopportune time
I hope I don't get pop a rony when i'm wearing just a toga.
by G-Money April 20, 2005
The most awesome guy ever, he is a genius, is good with the Girls. He is manipulative, and at that, freakin awesome.
That dude is so Rony.
by Gerardodude May 13, 2010
Nickname for a local shopkeep, particularly one of Asian descent. Based on the legendary original Rony, who manages to stock all anyone could ever want or need within his 4 x 6m store.
Man, Rony even found some Czech fetish porn for Richard when I was buying these beers!!
by TardisMalovska May 16, 2011
A dude who is funny. A person who is good but not great at getting girls, isnt shy but isnt a loud mouth, athletic, and has good taste. But weird at some moments. A person who stays at home, plays xbox live all day, and stares at girls's asses should be called a Random Boner.
Who is funnier: Kevin Hart or Rony?
Kevin Hart....but Rony is still funnier than YOU!!!!
by LALALALALAL243546 May 01, 2012
a slang term for corona beer. a cold and tasty mexican delicacy. invented by 3 dudes at PhilaU.
first guy - Damn son pass me a rony cause you know its the best bear around.

second guy - MONEYYY!!
by stan leen May 01, 2008
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