Top Definition
1. A handy storage place for an axe.
* Professor_Daravon axes DW in the face.
by QGI August 13, 2003
1 Word related to darkwarrior
A mesai Warrior
Eat spear HO!
by Fusion September 26, 2003
* Hi_Nu_Gundam frenches DarkWarrior.
by Mweeheehee August 15, 2003
A person who has an obession with other people's penises.
<Darkwarrior> i like sucking/penis
by NotTurtle July 27, 2003
Really gay. See also gay
Hi, i'm DarkWarrior.
by notstu0 July 25, 2003
someone who has nasty gay donkey sex in his sleep
* PineyCreek watches an elephant enter DarkWarrior's dream * {Dark} cant look * PineyCreek watches the elephant hump DarkWarrior who is humping the donkey * +DarkWarrior moans * {Dark} thinks theres a bit too much humping in that dream * +DarkWarrior picks up the pace * PineyCreek hears the donkey fart as a result
by PineyCreek July 25, 2003

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