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A term used by women who enjoy giving head... because it certainly isn't a "job".
Nick: Did you hook up with Brooke last night?

Chuck: Yeah... she gave me an unbelievable blowjoy.

Nick: Don't you mean blowjob?

Chuck: No... a blowjoy. She considers it a joy, not a job. She's quite the lady.
by funkthefavorites April 16, 2008
Female version of rub one out; female masterbation.
So we saw Natasha last night- she was being so obnoxious that even that pussy-hound Rob didn't want anything to do with her. She totally thought she was gonna get some... instead, she had to gome home and rub one in.
by funkthefavorites August 23, 2007
An older woman in her sexual prime, on the hunt for younger men (also known as cougar) who's vacationing on a cruise ship.
As my buddies and I relaxed in the hot tub aboard our cruise ship, a crugar approached. She seemed to be licking her chops, ready to devour us in the scalding hot water we were already stewing in.
by funkthefavorites August 10, 2007
The scent of a particular liquor or combination of liquors in a cocktail that cause one to remember being sick from drinking it, which in turn, can result in dry heaving.
Whoa dude... did you see that? That chick just caught some remini-scents of the crappy tequila her friends were shooting and almost gagged. I think she's gonna spew!
by funkthefavorites August 10, 2007
When a text message reminds you of something you didn't remember doing; either because you were too wasted, too tired, or you simply weren't there in the first place (see text faux flashback).
*via text message*

Samantha: OMG stud! U kept me up all night last night! I'm sooo tired today!!!

Dave: Who is this?

Samantha: Fuck off Phil

Dave: This isnt Phil, u whore

Samantha: LOL I was totally joking

Dave: I'm sure u were. This would have been the best text flashback of all time... if it wasn't a text faux flashback
by funkthefavorites January 14, 2011
Describes someone who uses text messages exclusively rather than just talking on the phone.
*via text message*

Julie: OMG I'm sooooo bummed :(

Kim: What happened??? I just called but you didn't pick up!

Julie: Can't talk now... the reason I'm sad is cuz I just found out my ex is engaged! I really thought I was over him- but when I heard he's gonna be married to someone else, it felt like someone totally just kicked me in the cooter :(

Kim: Awwww I'm sorry! But I wish you would just talk to me about this! You're so textclusive!
by funkthefavorites April 07, 2011
To let someone know what's going on... discretely.
Joe: Why does everyone in the office seem so nervous today?

Stacey: Word is, someone's getting canned. If you want the LDODL, talk to Amy.

Joe: What the hell is LDODL?

Stacey: Low-Down on the Down-Low. I've already said too much.
by funkthefavorites May 10, 2011

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