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Google is taking over the world - in a short period of time, Google+ will be taking over and this word/phrase will more than ever be taking its place in our vocabulary existences...

Fusion of Google & Domination
Google+ 6-12 months from now will be conquering the universe with mighty Global Google'ination!!
by funkessentials July 10, 2011
Acronym for - Laughing So Fucking Loud, commonly used on social networks and in sms messages.
Did you hear that Motel Fridays has closed down??

Yeah, i'm totally LSFL right now
by funkessentials January 16, 2012
This word is resembles a common situation when a person downloads application onto their mobile handset, predominantly an iphone and basically has hundreds of apps installed but yet lucky if they frequently if ever access more than 10 apps and the rest just sit and collect dust...
I have become a total appcumalator considering I have over 5 pages of applications installed, I seriously never even revisit 99% of them after I downloading them!!
by funkessentials February 24, 2011
Vadisdom is the learned teachings & profound words from a knowledgeable scholar of life from Russian decent.

This word originates & spawns from a fusion of the name "Vadim" and the english word "Wisdom".

Vadim being a traditionally Soviet name, and the Russian origin being known to have a wealth of "wisdom" from their extensive and colourful history stemming back to a young age growing is what lead the word "Vadisdom" to be spawned.
A person reflects wisdom to another:

"The chase is better than the catch" - that is some good Vadisdom!

"The grass is always greener until you realize its artificial" - Vadisdom!
by Funkessentials July 10, 2013
Flustered & Frustrating combined into the one word to describe a feeling of both emotions when overwhelmed.
Part time team members not being present full time can be flustrating as their pace is never moving at the same rate as ours.
by funkessentials February 13, 2013
"Bouncebackability" relates to getting back into gear after a big weekend and hangover.

If you hit the partying hard, went straight to bed and then bounced back bypassing the hangover you're "bouncebackability" is in strong form!
Mate, you're in good form today and looking fresh! Considering your day and night yesterday, your "bouncebackability" is incredible!

Amazing that you were out all night and then came straight into work this morning, "bouncebackability" level master!
by funkessentials March 10, 2014
An entrepreneur who charitably donates some or all of the rewards from his successful business revenues towards assisting causes and founding philanthropic ventures.
Bill Gates is a very generous individual who shares the wealth earned from his history as an entrepreneur now as a philanthropreneur, giving back to the needy.
by funkessentials October 28, 2013

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