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Turd is an acronym for Toyota Urban Racing Development. Toyota was all set to stamp TURD on the side of their trucks in an attempt to make trucks more appealing to city dwellers, hence urban and racing being part of the logo. Just prior to shipping the trucks to the US Toyota learned what turd ment in english, so now their trucks are stamped TRD. Urban has been left out.
Hey did you see that new Toyota truck? It's a TURD!
#toyota #car #truck #urban #racing #development
by froolap April 16, 2010
Combination of Screwy and Logic. Not well thought out or misguided. Something very wrong with a plan or rule which can not be enforced. Not well thought out.
He used scrogic to come up with that one. It's completely scrogical.
#thoughtless #scrogical #stupid #dumb #lame brain
by froolap March 27, 2010
The process of invoking Screwy Logic. Invalid, inconsistent.
skilled in scrogic b :invalid : illogical
2 : incapable of reasoning or of using reason in an orderly cogent fashion <an illogical thinker>
The engineering department came up with this plan to put screen doors on our submarine. It's completely scrogical.

Well, it looks good on paper, but it's scrogical. It will never work like that.
#illogical #poor judgment #bad design #flawed #unreasonable
by Froolap March 28, 2010
Friday is an acronym
Frequent Reboots Invoke Doh's And Yikes
My compute crashed again. It's friday.
#crash #glitch #bug #software #computer
by froolap April 16, 2010
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