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Girls who have their very own special half of a bed in the guys dorm of Padua. They have to do the walk of shame VERY early in the morning with hot pants on. No limits to how many rooms they can own or how many can share a room. Sexual visitation hours are always welcum. See D Block for more information.
Damn I say Gaby doing the walk of shame early tonight, Todd must have another appointment, she's such a padrat!
by frog4lunch April 19, 2004
Flip flops/sandals that have a hard bottom that go "click clack, click clack" when you walk on hard surfaces.
I had to walk on my tip toes across the room because my click clacks were making so much noise on the tile floor.
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
Velcro on shoes that everyone had as a kid. You know the kind with two velcro stpires across the top of the foot.
Mom where are my snicher snack shoes?
by frog4lunch November 06, 2003
4th floor Pauda at QU. There is a dick imprint stained on the floor from four years ago! Is smells like pot, puke, and beer please wear protective gear at all times for fear of contracting STD's. They walk from room to room.
Gang bang Gabby's second home is on D block.
by frog4lunch April 19, 2004

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