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a term used to say okay but instead with an M. Gets very annoying after used more than once.
did that teacher just say mmkay?
by friendlyfupalicker March 12, 2009
When one is so Beatsly and cool, there is no other word to describe them. also the term is used when something is better than awesome.
that was off the chain, it was so bunshy.
by friendlyfupalicker March 12, 2009
A more appropriate term for bitch. This term is used usually around teacher or parents.
that girl was such an umtch, she just flicked me off!
by friendlyfupalicker March 12, 2009
the process in which one is chatting with another, and they continue to use phrases such as "lol" or just "hahaha", and aren't even laughing.
person 1: she just yelled at me
person 2: hahahahah
person 1: and hit me
peron 2: lol shes pissed

cindy just keeps cyber laughing, and its getting annoying
by friendlyfupalicker March 12, 2009
The process when kids drive around in a car with music blasting, and scream "DYKE" when 2 girls are walking together.
We just went Dyke Hunting. It was bunshy
by friendlyfupalicker March 13, 2009
One who is a dickwad, but shortened DWAD means the same thing.
dude why was he acting dwad lately?

by friendlyfupalicker March 12, 2009

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