18 definitions by freedav04

that woman you ca'nt stand but you have to have again, and again.
i cant stand that bitch but she is really bithcalicious.
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
some one from west virginia who's father is also his brother.
that inbred shit breed is useless.
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
drunk after drinking beer during octoberfest. or anywhere else.
man i was hammersteined last night!
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
a website that takes your 4.95 for 60 paysites of adult oriented content and then bills your credit card outrageous amounts of money.
damn man i was skeeped by that skeepy skeepnet!
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
a typical summer day when the heat is un bearable.
marc stepped out of the pub and exclaimed geezus what a buttcracking hot day it is!
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
the act of stealing or having something stolen from you.
i know that kevin was in here today, and he genked my stash.
i genked a pack of reds at the quickymart.
by freedav04 June 06, 2005
to fuck someone in the ass with an ear of corn and then to eat the shit stained object.
after nellie fucked ruth in the ass with the sweet corn she pulled it out and ate it.
by freedav04 June 05, 2005

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