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female genitalia
most men lie for the cootchie
by franklin November 11, 2002
Term for a used condom floating in a body of water.
I was enjoying a nice day fishing, until I reeled in a nipple nose trout.
by Franklin June 18, 2006
Hip hop band from Perth, Australia. Mainly known for not rapping about barbeques and being aussie like all other aussie hip hoppers
SWS dont rap about barbeques, only about fucking the dead.
by franklin February 16, 2004
1-An absurd being you can't help but laugh at.
2-A girl who fancies pooping.
Jessica Lynn West is a crabby poovis.
by Franklin April 18, 2003
a common word used along target backroom members to describe a person. it is usually used to describe WT #1.
Your such an Assy Asserton Dan, stop it!
by Franklin October 27, 2004
a piece
the fool talked shit, so I pulled out my chrome and pumped that fool full of led
by Franklin March 10, 2003
a message board where people go to read what the legend has to say.
I'm the legend, I'm the legend, I'm the legend.
by Franklin February 09, 2005

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