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When an idiot means to say obliterate and refuses to admit he's wrong.
We really kicked their butts playing pool. WE OBLIVERATED THEM.
by Frank Rizzo May 13, 2004
when you haven't touched a girl in so long(or ever) your penis is confused when the opportunity arises; you eventually end up jizzing in your pants and wasting the night, being shunned for the rest of your life
man, that kid was gonna get some until he pulled the stricko; now that bitch won't even look at him.
by frank rizzo February 25, 2003
A suggestion, although the wrong way to say it. Can start sounding so normal that you start using it in everyday life without noticing it.
"Does anyone have any suggestments?", Said Mr. Molino from ISM.
by Frank Rizzo June 20, 2004
a disease a nasty ass whore gets, it makes the tits explode and the vagina ooze a horrible nastiness.
she's a nasty slut look at that fungus on her cunt...i bet she got herpahepatrachagonnasyphilaids!
by frank rizzo February 25, 2003
a white guy who hangs around a bunch of black people and does a lot of drugs but hes cool with them and he dont mind gettin high, but down for the cause. not to be confused with a wigger
that black junkie is worse than a coke whore.
by frank rizzo March 06, 2005
the digestive reprocussions induced by a night of hard drinking. foamlike anal discharge
see also "Foaming"
" on the day after my 21st birthday i rode the toilet all day. i was suffering from the syndrome"
by frank rizzo December 12, 2002
A praise, but in a really cool or ghetto way.
I got my new weave...HALLEJEWYEAH
by frank rizzo February 26, 2004
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