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A word that americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters.
dude, i'm like......dude
by Foyf January 28, 2003
Grumpy. Surly. Like a moaning child who doesn't get his way.
stop being mardy and make me some toast
by Foyf January 21, 2003
Incredibly good horror-punk band from late 70s - early 80s who for some reason re-formed in the 90s with out Danzig !! stupid idea
"the Misfits were good when Danzig was front-man"
by Foyf January 28, 2003
People with lighter skin than black and orange people. We're not worse than any other race, we're just as bad. It's 2004 and we still categorize by skin colour. Sad
"if I sit in the sun I might change colour"
by foyf February 24, 2004
wank jack off to masterbate
"I'm just gonna have a quick toss over Jenna Jameson even though she's had more cocks than I have had hot meals"
by Foyf January 22, 2003
dope weed marijuana A word for pot that can be used in public because no one knows what it means.
probably get some choop of uddy later
by Foyf January 22, 2003
the state nu-metal bands pretend to be in
"dude, i'm so depressed - let's get our producer to write a song about it and we can sing it on MTV and stupid loser kids who also pretend to be rebel outcast depressives can sing along and buy hoodies with our name on"
by Foyf January 28, 2003
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