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The gentleman's drink of choice. 40 oz. of malt beverage for less than $2. Old English ranks up there with Beast and Colt 45. For extra class, we suggest accessorizing with a brown paper bag for greater enjoyment in public spaces - like playgrounds
hey man, pick me up a 40 of ole' E'.
by Foster October 27, 2003
a person with a beef head or a large head that is bigger than average size
Danny Morton has a big beef head LMAO! his head is fukin huge the beef head
by Foster August 12, 2004
a spyder ho is a chick at echo company that repells from the third floor window to the second floor to fuck the males leaving boot prints on the side of the building!
yo, I just fucked a spyder ho!!!!
by foster March 05, 2005
the epitome of awesome; awesomely awesome
(1) damn, that cell phone is jurgley
(2) those were some jurgley dank fries
by Foster January 09, 2005
Bathroom lavatory.
Finda gova to da facebo.
by foster March 09, 2004
a total dick that thinks he iz tha shit,but really he likes to lick the taint and holster the cock and fuck fat dudes,basically a shitbag that is incompatant!lick my balls NOWLAN!!! FOSTER FROM DELTA
A man that before he fucks his fat guys eats the dingle berries from his lovers taint then licks the star fish clean.
by foster March 05, 2005
A term used in reference to being intoxicated.
"Let's get witty."

"(John)'s not up to going out today; he got really witty last night."
by Foster December 08, 2004
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