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something that is most likely a very, very bad idea, but sounds like it would be exciting, so you try it anyway
Let's go to North Korea! It would be an adventure!
by foltor August 08, 2005
adj. ridiculously grandiose and complex, doomed to failure, yet undeniably hillarious, usu. said of plans for world domination and the like
I'm all for getting revenge, but getting atomic cesium sounds a little zim.
by foltor August 08, 2005
a guy who digs on / is always on the look out for tall women
Dave is such a tall hawk he won't date a girl under 5'10"
by foltor August 08, 2005
1. the giant in The Princess Bride (played by Andre the Giant)

2. a big, strong guy that could probably crush your ribcage with one hand if he wanted to, but is really sweet and harmless
Don't worry about Mark, he's just a big fezzik.
by foltor August 08, 2005
1. HUGE French actor (1946-1993), best known for his role as Fezzik in The Princess Bride.
Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid, or something like that?
by foltor August 08, 2005
the martial art of writing gracefully as a means to spiritual insight and physical invulnerability - which I suck at, by the way
By studying your calligraphy I have discovered your weakness in swordsmanship.
by foltor August 08, 2005
any particularly nasty sports/energy drink, esp. one of a manifestly unnatural color
I'm so dehydrated I could choke down some troll piss.
by foltor August 08, 2005

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