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A Bank who will fight you to the death even when they are dead wrong.
A Bank who skates on the thin line of legality
Worst. Bank. Ever.
B of A teller "Thank you for calling Bank of America, may we ruin your life today?"

B of A Broker "Yes sir, I am aware we approved your loan and gave you the money, but we changed our mind. Our CEO needs a new plane made out of gold and blood from orphens."

B of A credit dept "Ma'am, are aware you are now exaclty 5.8 seconds late paying your bill? We have to charge you a $500 late penalty. And a $100 fee for calling in your payment. And an extra $75 for my bonus. Oh that puts you over your limit... theres a fee for that too.. Anything else?"
by bofa loves me.. loves me not August 29, 2009
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