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A state of having multiple nutz in one's mouf.
Bofa what?
Bofa deez nutz in yo mouf!!!
by olive10 June 08, 2003
When you put both of (bofa) these nuts down your throat.
Hey do you like bofa? No. What the fuck is that. Dude are you shitting me you've gotta love bofa. I don't fucking know what it is. It's bofa dese nuts down your throat bitch.
by Applejacks1898 December 28, 2014
A reference to a player taking the name of bofa in an online game. This name is normally taken by someone with a small dick to try to make themselves feel better about their real life by insinuating they have large nuts. They typically like to troll other people, and without fail, always have supreme persistence and extremely low intelligence. This name originated from someone who could not even bother to properly spell "both of", so you get an idea of the intelligence you are working with by that alone.
"That guy Bofa is certainly an idiot..." "Of course he is...what do you expect from people who cannot even form 2 letter words?"
by ilKhan Long Dong Hong October 12, 2015
to reference two of something.
I can decide if I want to smoke the blunt or drink the forty, or do bofa dem.
by Rizzle the Fizzle for Shizzle April 10, 2003
The act of blacking out due to consumption of alcohol and falling asleep. Black Out Fall Asleep.
Dude, we all bofad last night. I don't remember anything.
by bofacali February 07, 2011
Spanglish slang for "airhead girl." Comes the the sixties bouffant hairstyle.
"I tried explaining it to her, but that bofa just couldn't get it."
by @hoomin August 28, 2009
stands for : Bucket of Assholes
"I didn't really comprehend what he was saying because I was distracted by his breath that seriously smelled like a B of A"
by Ny October 05, 2004

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