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11 definitions by flashwildecard

Phrase: Any scene in a movie that justifies paying full ticket price.
Example #1: From 'American Beauty' "This is me jerking off in the shower." That's a Price of the movie scene right there.

Example #2 From 'Reign of Fire' The Gerard Butler/Christian Bale re-enactment of 'Empire Strikes Back' Total Price of the movie scene.
by Flashwildecard September 15, 2010
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A day when you go to work sick because you can't afford not to or because no one else can cover for you.
Ugh, I feel like hell.

You should stay home.

Can't afford it. Looks like I'll be working a Sick Day tommorrow.
by flashwildecard December 17, 2012
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To discover a horrible flaw or truth about someone that forces you to completely re-evaluate your impression of that person.

From 'Roman Polanski' the film director who drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl.
"I thought Dave was a pretty cool guy, then I discovered he EATS kittens!"
"You just got Polanski'd."

"I used to love The Ninth Gate, then I found out what the director did."

"All these things I keep hearing about Woody Allen ."
"Yeah, he just got Polanski'd."
by flashwildecard February 01, 2014
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The misdirected rage generated by fans of a particular character when that character is killed off or replaced by someone else. Often the rage prevents them from giving a fair opinion of the new character. Originates from the BBC series Doctor Who, when fan favorite Rose Tyler was replaced with Martha Jones.
Example #1

“I hate Martha Jones so much!”


“Because she isn’t Rose Tyler!”

Example #2

“I hate Clara Oswin Oswald!”


“Because she isn’t Rory and Amy!”

“That’s the Martha Jones effect.”
by Flashwildecard January 03, 2014
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