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15 definitions by flashwildecard

From the act of making notes in pen on ones wrist, arm, or other body parts.
Yep, got it first on my wrist.
by flashwildecard May 13, 2011
To transplant the items in one pair of pants (keys, wallet, change, belt, etc.) to a new pair of pants.
1. Damn! I've got mustard on these pants time for a Transpant.

2. Shit, where are my keys? Don't tell me I forgot to Transpant.
by flashwildecard April 18, 2011
Phrase: Any scene in a movie that justifies paying full ticket price.
Example #1: From 'American Beauty' "This is me jerking off in the shower." That's a Price of the movie scene right there.

Example #2 From 'Reign of Fire' The Gerard Butler/Christian Bale re-enactment of 'Empire Strikes Back' Total Price of the movie scene.
by flashwildecard September 15, 2010
To discover a horrible flaw or truth about someone that forces you to completely re-evaluate your impression of that person.

From 'Roman Polanski' the film director who drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl.
"I thought Dave was a pretty cool guy, then I discovered he EATS kittens!"
"You just got Polanski'd."

"I used to love The Ninth Gate, then I found out what the director did."

"All these things I keep hearing about Woody Allen ."
"Yeah, he just got Polanski'd."
by flashwildecard February 01, 2014
A day when you go to work sick because you can't afford not to or because no one else can cover for you.
Ugh, I feel like hell.

You should stay home.

Can't afford it. Looks like I'll be working a Sick Day tommorrow.
by flashwildecard December 17, 2012
Too Small; Could Not Read

Used to denote the incredibly tiny text that appears in screen captures of message boards or Twitter posts.

Any form of writing that is too tiny to be read with the naked eye.
"This guy just sent me a copy of a conversation but it appears to have been through a shrink ray. TS; CNR"

"Did you read the fine print on that contract?"
"TS; CNR!"
by flashwildecard September 12, 2014
A form of brain damage that renders a parent incapable of noticing faults in their own children that they would readily identify in the children of others.
"My son is so smart, he's going to be a doctor."

"Is he the one who glued his head to his shoulder? I think you might have a case of Parental Fog."
by flashwildecard September 09, 2014