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The most amazing companion in the world. Companion to both The Doctor's 9th and 10th regeneration, and it is clear The Doctor loved her. She is also known as the 'Bad Wolf' and currently lives in 'Pete's World', a parallel universe.
"Who was the best companion in New Who?"
"That would have to be Rose Tyler"
by oodhowodd September 13, 2011
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A freakin stupid character from the amazing British television show "Doctor Who" who lacks intelligence and doesn't give a crap about anyone but the Doctor and kissing his butt. She's a suck up who has to have information hand fed to her because she doesn't have a brain to consume it. Rose travels with the Doctor as one of his companions until he leaves her in a parallel universe, which is a laughing matter, but could have been handled better in say...you know..death.
Here's an example of how Rose should have died: There's this alien from the show Doctor Who that devours the body right down to the bone, known as the Vashta Nerada that I believe should have taken the wonderful opportunity to devour Rose Tyler.
by theguitarfreak January 26, 2014
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