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n. a vehicle (or vehicles) exceeding the speed limit in the hammer lane, typically after a trucker has moved out of that vehicle's way. The expectation is that smokey bears will go after the vehicle moving fastest, thus keeping them occupied with a customer when you go by. Sometimes truckers try to create this situation on purpose by blocking all the lanes of traffic for a period of time to make people behind them mad enough to speed. see cop cleaner
The truckers were going four-wide on the highway for 10 miles, until the one in the hammer lane swapped lanes, and then the bear bait was released.
by fizzle September 19, 2005
1. v. tr. to iron
2. n. a device to straighten fabric using steam and heat.
Your clothes go in the warsher, where they go through agitation, rinch cycle, and spin cycle, then they go in the dryer. After that, you arn them that needs to be arned, but be careful not to leave the arn sitting on anything too long, or you might rurn your clothes.
by fizzle April 22, 2004
n. The brush guard that some rednecks like to put on the front grille of their off-road trucks.
I bought a new pickup truck and gave it some skid plates, nerf bars, a 12" lift kit, super swampers, and a deer-killer.
by fizzle April 15, 2004
Southern slang
1. dry your tears and man up. see suck it up, cowboy up, cheer up.
2. a not so tactful way of saying no use crying over spilled milk
3. what you say when you see a hot chick, usually having "with a biscuit" on the end. comes from the fact that ladies tend to produce moisture in certain areas when they are aroused. strange that it's used this way, because usually the hot chick is not aroused at all, and is in fact turned off completely by your ugly mug.
1. Sop it up; let's go!
2. So you made a mistake. Sop it up.
3. person 1: Hey check out that chick.
person 2: Whoa, sop it up with a biscuit!
by fizzle April 02, 2004
A sure thing, a slam dunk, something that is in the bag. From gambling lingo.
If there's only one horse in the race, then it's even money that the one horse is going to win the race.
by fizzle April 10, 2004
n. A larger challenge than a double-dare. This is the first counter to the double-dare. Some people have forgotten that this exists and think that the triple-dog-dare is the only one after a double-dare. This is the one you go for when you've been double-dared and you want to play it safe. If you want to be agressive and go for the throat, you go directly to the triple-dog-dare.
I triple-dare ya!
by fizzle April 02, 2004
n. a reverse mohawk. Resembles a fro with a strip shaved from forehead to nape of neck.
I made my fro a nohawk to match my girlfriend's mohawk, and now we can get close enough to kiss.
by fizzle October 04, 2004

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