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A generic derogatory term. Many attempts have been made to define it, but it's used too widely to pin it down.
From the film, Mean Streets (1973):

Johnny Boy:
"We won't pay because this guy is a... mook."

"But I didn't say nothin."

"We don't pay mooks!"

"A mook. I'm a mook... What's a mook?
"You can't call me a mook!"

A fight then ensues.
by ffub June 15, 2005
Term used, originally by the British police with reference to the IRA, to describe terrorists with no previously known connections to terrorism.
From the Observer: "They even won over former Irish soldiers, at least five of whom are now in jail. Many of those it recruited are so-called 'lilywhites', with no previous convictions. They are hard to trace and even harder to catch. But they are deadly and effective."
by ffub July 14, 2005

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