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an amount of alcohol that is enough to make a person drunk:
By ten o'clock he'd had a skinful.
by Renan Proenca September 15, 2006
34 7
Having had enough alcohol to make you drunk.

Derived from wineskin, a canteen-like container made from animal skin that is used to hold wine.
I've drunk a right skinful tonight!
by rguvnuh July 07, 2012
5 1
when two people lie naked together--they get a spooning hug full of skin.
I went to sleep and pulled her into a skinful embrace.
by CreativeGuy March 07, 2007
3 17
1.a basterdization of the words 'sinful' and 'skin,' used to describe someone showing enough skin that most people would deem it sinful.

2.being so old that your skin doesn't fit you anymore or having very droopy wrinkles so that it looks like your body has way too much skin.
1. The woman walking down the street was wearing a shirt so lowcut that it couldn't be described anyway but skinful.

2. visiting a retirement home is scary because all of the skinful old people remind you that when you get old, youll look like some gangster's baggy-@$$ pants.

3. possibly the grossest thing in the world is skinful people with skinful clothes
by bee56 November 20, 2007
3 18