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a combination of snuff and stuff.
Synonymous with stuff.
1. why you got be smokin' on your schnuffity schuff?
2. schnuff times schnuff to the fourth power equals schnuffity schnuff.
3. I got better schnuff to do.
by ff8 April 08, 2004
fucking retard
popularized by the boys at redvsblue.com
you shot church you team killing fucktard! (Tucker yelling at Caboose)
you cockbiting fucktards! (Tex yelling at reds after they damaged her speech unit)
by ff8 July 10, 2004
reads dy dx of z to the omg equals f sub j00 times d pwn dx.

The new derivative formula. Bish.
please take dy/dx of 563210983x^32 * ln(sin(32x*y*z) * tan^-1(q)

The answer is 42. Bish.
I cite dy/dx z^omg = f (sub) j00 * dpwn/dx
by ff8 November 15, 2005
a perfect example of a democrat. He has no ideas and always seems lost. He picked a rival for a running mate and now they think they are shoe-ins. What a joke. GO RALPH
-let's solve this the simple democratic way kids: flip a coin
"republicans have bad ideas, democrats have no ideas"
"republican says 'hey, I've got a really shitty idea.' democrat says 'hey, I bet I can make it shittier'" Lewis Black, Black on Broadway (not exact quoting)
Kerry and Bush are perfect examples of the need for a new party to rise to power.
by ff8 July 10, 2004
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